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Magdalena Slowinska Janowitz (CEO and Co-founder)

Magdalena is a social entrepreneur, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Service Designer passionate about assistive technologies and connected workplace.

She’s been working on various frontiers between technology, social entrepreneurship, education, employment, accessibility, mental health, game design and society. Prior to Includeon she set up Bepartofit Hub - a community of inclusion makers and voluntary organization supported by Unltd UK.

Magdalena believes that accessible technology can significantly improve the quality of employment for disabled people.

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Chris Rudecki (CTO and Co-founder)

Chris is a highly professional developer and software architect passionate about accessible design and agile project management. He has a double degree in Computer Software and Multimedia Applications and worked on big projects building custom software products for high profile clients i.e. UK Ministry of Justice.

At Includeon, Chris is responsible for software architecture.

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Pawel Urbanski (Head of Digital Inclusion)

Technology architect, startup mentor and business consultant.

He is the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp alumni - selected out of 840 people globally and the first blind participant. He was a co-designer of the Warsaw smart city app that received the second prize in the Bloomberg Mayors Challenge for the focus on accessibility.

He is a mentor and advisor at the MIT Enterprise Forum acceleration programme in Poland. He holds MA degree in Economics and PhD in Computer Science from the Polish Academy of Sciences.


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Jane Hatton

Being both an employer of disabled people, and a disabled person herself, Jane can see the issues around employing disabled people from both angles. A degenerative spinal condition means that she has limited ability to sit, walk or stand. Jane is the founder and director of Evenbreak, the only not-for-profit specialist job board in the UK run by disabled people for disabled people.

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Sadaqat Ali

Sadaqat is deaf and has worked with language professionals all his life. He understands the complexity of the market as well as the pitfalls so is ideally placed to identify the issues plus problem solve appropriate solutions. Sadaqat completed his degrees in Deaf Studies, Youth and Community, PGCE in 16+ teaching as well as British Sign Language. CEO and co-founder of @lingoing. 

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Srin Madipalli

Srin is the CEO of Accomable, a website to help people with mobility difficulties find accessible holiday properties around the world.

Srin lives in London and worked as a lawyer at a leading international commercial law firm in the City of London. He graduated from King’s College, University of London with a first class degree in Biochemistry and received the university’s nomination for best undergraduate in the UK’s Science, Engineering and Technology student awards. Following that, Srin re-qualified as a lawyer and advised some of the world’s leading corporations and financial institutions. After four years in practice, Srin left the law to commence an MBA at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

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Eddie Capstick

CEO WorthWhile Studios, Director of Make Sense, UX researcher, social enterprise mentor/consultant. Eddie holds a MSc in Human-Computer Interaction and Ergonomics from UCL.