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Includeon is an award-winning tech startup creating a web-based employment platform suitable for Deaf people and people who are living with disabilities and mental health conditions, helping them to fulfil their potential by enabling remote working.

Our Mission

To create real inclusion and reduce unemployment through innovation, expertise and accessibility and by providing products and services to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners. We want to leverage technology, accessible design and Artificial Intelligence to improve the quality of employment for disabled people. We feel very confident that Includeon is going to make the world a more inclusive place where workers with disabilities feel valued and respected.

Our Vision

To make the internet economy and remote working and hiring fairer.

Creating Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity-Positive Jobs and Freedom

We believe that technology can help disabled people.

Includeon is being designed to meet the needs of the modern workplace and diverse workforce.

We put accessibility, wellbeing and social innovation at the heart of our design and business strategy.

The Global Market

“The disability market is big. At least 1.1 billion people globally have a disability, controlling over $4 trillion annually - a market the size of China.”

Rich Donovan Founder and Chief Investment Officer WingSail Capital
11 million in the UK live with a disability
8% of disabled people are in a wheelchair
6 million people have dyslexia - 4 million severely so
2 million are affected by sight loss, Of which 360,000 people are registered blind or visually impaired
10 million people suffer from hearing impairment.
Of which 50,000 are British Sign Language users

By - AbilityNet Accessibility Services

Changing Nature of Work

Society is changing. Traditional workplaces need to transform in accordance with these social changes, and to cater for the differing aspirations and needs of workers of all abilities and at all stages of life.

e-Working Defined

There may be other definitions, but we define e-working (also called “online work”, “working from home”, “remote jobs”, “distance work”, or “telecommuting”) as:

A type of work that essentially covers the use of computers and technology as a vehicle for knowledge and skill exchange. Quite simply, e-working is electronic or online working. “E” stands for “electronic”, and "online" involves using the Internet.


An e-employer is a company, organization, start-up or individual that hires individuals in many fields to work online.

“Employers who don't make their vacancies known to people with disabilities are missing out on a significant talent pool to fill their vacancies.” Evenbreak - a social enterprise promoting a positive image of disabled people in employment, and an inclusive job board.

According to Jane Hatton – founder and director of Evenbreak, employing disabled people has certain business benefits:

Diversity is a reality in the modern workplace across the globe.


Have you always dreamt of a job that perfectly matches your needs, skills, personality and life purpose, but couldn’t really find, get or create one?

Have you ever thought about working online but did not find an e-work web or mobile service that you could use because of a disability, unique need or impairment?

If you’re looking for a truly accessible and inclusive e-work platform offering community and staff support, amazing user experience, and the best jobs in the world, then Includeon is a place for you!

We live in this world where everything is digital and disabled people should be able to participate in that.

What social problem are we solving and how?

1.3 billion people globally have a disability. It’s unacceptable that in 2017 being disabled makes you twice as likely to live in poverty.
Inaccessible cities, transport, offices, equipment, websites, applications
Companies fear employing people with disabilities/worry that this will involve extra work and cost/ worry that disabled workers won’t perform and will take more time off sick.
Mainstream remote work web-based platforms don’t embrace accessible design and Artificial Intelligence, hence exclude users with disabilities.
General lack of disability awareness, poor knowledge of capabilities of disabled people (including Deaf people and those with mental health conditions).
Managing contracts, communication, and project management for disabled workforce is challenging.

OUR SOLUTION - Includeon: Accessible e-Work

assistive technology logo

Compatible with assistive technologies such as screen readers, magnifiers and alternative input devices.

+ Accessibility/Disability savvy AI chatbot.

enchanced accessibility logo

Tasks which are impossible to be performed due to missing accessibility features in mainstream platforms are achievable by Includeon's e-workers.

available on multiple platforms logo

The platform will be accessible over the web with the possibility to expand to other forms of user interfaces such as traditional desktop or mobile.

+ We provide disability friendly contract/project management